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A look at arcade games that have been featured in Tekken

Everybody is hyped about the story mode of Tekken 7, especially about playing with “kid” characters (like being a kid could make Kazuya look more sweet rather than badass, never mind), but Tekken players often experienced more arcade and original digressions during past years. So, it’s time for a little bit of retro-gaming.

It all started with Tekken 1. During the loading of the game on PlayStation 1 it was possible to play a level of Galaga, a vertical scrolling shooter from the pixel era and a milestone of Namco’s catalog. For hardcore gamers it was a great cameo.

The console version of Tekken 3 was filled with extras like Tekken Ball and Tekken Force.

Tekken Ball

Tekken Ball was basically a cross between volleyball and a sort of ‘hit-ball,’ where fighters could hit a ball, affecting its speed, rotation and smash it against the opponent. This was the first true arcade mode specifically designed for Tekken, and it was fun to use characters in a different way. Strong moves in versus mode were not as good to stop and relaunch the ball, and the player was forced to use his characters in a different way. Sometimes it was common to spend more time playing Tekken Ball matches against friends, rather than traditional fights.

Tekken Force

Tekken Force was the second great and unexpected extra featured in the third chapter and it looked like a revival of the side-scrolling “beat’em up” genre. The goal was to make your way through several levels, fighting against the army of the Mishima Zaibatsu, collecting power ups and facing many opponents at the same time. Regular fighters were present like bosses at the end of the levels. Those familiar with Final Fight or Streets Of Rage surely liked this supplement, especially because there weren’t many side scrolling “beat’em ups” after the 2D era. Tekken Force came back in Tekken 4. In the fifth and sixth episode it was expanded and made better, receiving different names and a more complex gameplay, like Devil Within or Scenario Campaign, but keeping the same brawler attitude.

Tekken Ball mysteriously returned only in the Wii-U edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

The first Tekken Tag Tournament featured a bowling mode and, to many, it was a good way have fun with easy and fast matches, using favorite characters in a fresh context. Tekken Bowl came back in Tekken 5 Dark resurrection and I’m sure we can’t forget the skittles shaped with Heihachi’s appearance, suggesting how egomaniac could be the chief of the Mishima’s clan.

Did you ever play one of these arcade modes in Tekken? Would you like to see them again as extras of the console and PC editions?

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I'm a long time Tekken Player from Italy.


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