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EGX 2016: Hands-on with Tekken 7 on PS4

While at EGX 2016 we were lucky enough to get hands on with Tekken 7 on the PS4, and my first impressions of the game were even better than I first anticipated. One of the things that stood out to me the most was just how incredible the game looks! The graphics are perfectly polished and the attention to detail is highly impressive; Tekken 7 is certainly a strong contender for being the best looking fighting game out there. As well as the intricate character designs the stages look absolutely stunning; from ancient dojos to tropical jungles, you will not be disappointed. Believe me when I say that watching people play the game through streams and videos does not do it justice, you really do need to play it and see for yourself.

Tekken 7’s gameplay is seamless, fluid and innovative. The new added features such as rage arts and rage drives take the game into a whole new realm of play, not to mention that they are extremely fun and exciting to use! With impressive movesets and ‘specials’ for each individual character on the roster, you can put many hours into the game and learn something new each time.

1The character roster available at EGX was a generous size, however some of the newer announcements were not available to use, which of course was expected. As always Tekken’s diverse and generously sized roster is an important element in what sets the game apart from its contenders, and Tekken 7 is no exception to this. Upon looking at the character screen at EGX, the variety at hand is a good enough reason alone to get hyped for this game, and we haven’t even seen the final version yet!

Being a Nina player, I was excited to get back using her, and I wasn’t disappointed! I also tried my hand at some of the newcomers, and the one that stood out for me was Katarina; she reminded me a little of Nina in terms of gameplay and she was extremely powerful. I will definitely be using her once the game is released!


Another element of Tekken 7 which really impressed me was the soundtrack. The music used throughout is powerful, exciting, and seemed to match the tone of the game perfectly. In fact, the music was one of the elements that stood out to me the most while playing Tekken 7!

The only downside to playing this version was the fact that the loading times for each game were long. Of course this isn’t the finished product, so I’m expecting this to be improved upon release. In comparison to how impressive Tekken 7 is so far, this issue seems minimal and should not be focused on too much.

With so many positives to take from my time with Tekken 7 it’s now safe to say that I am even more excited than ever for this game! It exceeded all of my expectations, and the fact that this version isn’t even he final form is what has impressed me so much. Bravo to Harada-san and the team, they’ve truly outdone themselves with this one! Roll on 2017!

Advocate of the Tekken community and self-proclaimed Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament, gaming has been a main hobby of Zoë's since she was a kid. Her favorite genres are fighting and action/adventure. Her other passions include football (soccer - Liverpool FC to be exact!), fashion, music, and eating far too much pizza! Lastly, one name for you - Nina Williams.


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