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Wizard World Richmond Tekken 7FR Results – Circa eSports continues their ‘Circa Tour’

The Tekken Tour at Wizard World Richmond took place this weekend and it appears that the “Circa Tour” continues. Anakin relinquished his qualifying spot yet again (Wizard World Columbus), making this the 4th time he has done so. He was the favorite to win the event, and that he did.

Here are the final results:

1st Circa|Anakin
2nd Knock
3rd RenoFace
4th Michael Stable
5th Brian H
5th Battle Jitni
7th Zilla20z
7th Nashi

To see the bracket and how things played out, you can view it here on Challonge.

Circa eSports has won 5 of last 7 Wizard World events. The 2 they didn’t win, they didn’t attend. They’ve won 6 of last 12. They have not lost an event.

KOIFT NA Finalists

The finalists to date for the King of the Iron Fist Tournament N.America are:

  1. BrawlPro
  2. Jimmy J Tran
  3. Zero the Shadow
  4. Rip
  5. Kane
  6. Speedkicks
  7. Anakin

Tekken Tour

The next Tekken Tour event is Wizard World Austin, September 23-25. To view the full schedule click here.

Photo: Wizard World

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