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Two of Australia’s biggest rivals face-off Sept 9th in new series Ultimate Tekken Championship

UPDATE (9/8/16 8:55PM EDT): Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been postponed until a later date. The following statement was issued by Baraa (ZeroX) on Twitter:

UPDATE (9/8/16 1:15am EDT): The prize money has been increased from $100 to $500.

What started out as simple fun has escalated into one of the biggest exhibition matches in Australian Tekken history, and both players can hardly afford to lose with, pride, money and trash talk on the line. Loosely based off of popular mixed martial arts event Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Ultimate Tekken Championship (UTC 1) will feature a FT7/$500 money match with DaBeast (Josie Rizal) vs Bboy_Phoenix (Paul Phoenix) on Friday, September 9th at 6:30pm AEST (4:30am EDT).

Keeping with the UFC theme and style, there will be a weigh-in, a walk out to music and more. You can catch the action live on Twitch at

The matches will be played on the vanilla version of Tekken 7 as the updated FR version hasn’t hit Australian shores yet.

More details below.


The Rivalry

DaBeast and Bboy_Phoenix are both a part of the Australian Tekken scene, and both originate from Melbourne. They both have been playing the game and joined the scene during the start of Tekken 5, attending national majors and local tournaments since then as well.

The two player have had an ongoing rivalry which for the duration of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. BboyPhoenix seemed to come out on top for the most part in a lot of their matches. However, with the release of Tekken 7 in Australia the tables have seemed to turn and things have become a bit more even. BboyPhoenix placed 1st and 4th at the first two local tournaments, and DaBeast placed second twice, knocking out Bboy_Phoenix in the process.

Both players also attended EVO this year with DaBeast making to top 64, but BboyPhoenix unfortunately did not make it out of pools. Only two weeks removed from the Ozhadou Nationals 14, Australia’s longest running major where DaBeast placed top 8, BboyPhoenix again failed to make it out of pools.

The Money Match

What started out as a call out from BboyPhoenix to anyone in the scene for a simple $20 money match soon escalated into the DaBeast promptly accepting before anyone, with trash talk escalating it to $100. For added spice this time they decided to go UFC style and have a weigh in and walk out music and such. Even though it’s Melbourne on Melbourne the whole of the Australian Tekken scene has been watching closely as there’s been a lot of build up to this fight, mainly because of DaBeast’s eccentric personality.

Polls have been cast with results being very even. Banter has gone back and forth. A press fight press conference was even held online. Video below.

Source: ZeroX, DaBeast

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