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Here’s a first look at Tekken 7 PC gameplay in 4K resolution! It’s mind-blowing!

If you haven’t seen Tekken 7 in person and ever wanted to know what it looked like, then now is your chance! 4K resolution graphics in a PC game is among the highest you can achieve these days. And though unconfirmed, Tekken 7 may very well have this when it comes out. Graphics card company Nvidia has just published a YouTube video showing off some awesome 4K goodness, using a GeForce GTX 1080.

Here’s their video description:

Heihachi, Kazuya, and Alisa are back in Tekken 7, and this time, they are coming to the PC as well!

The Tekken 7 development team is still working on the PC version, and technical features such as 4K support are unconfirmed. However, enjoy this first look at Tekken 7 in 4K, which shows the vision and efforts the development team is putting into the game!

Check this out. Be sure to turn the resolution all the way up, and make it full-screen. Also, don’t use FireFox, but try Chrome, because YouTube doesn’t display the highest resolution for FireFox for some reason.

Nvidia also caught up with Tekken developers Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray for an interview. Check it out after you watch this amazing visual!

So, what do you think? We know…

Source: Tekken

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