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Speedkicks wins the Tekken 7FR championship at Wizard World Chicago in cruise control

Tekken Tour stop at Wizard World Chicago just ended and the outcome turned out how most expected. The favorite to win the event was Speedkicks of Circa eSports, and he pretty much moon-walked his way into grand finals where he made light-work of his opponent Weapon X.

Speedkicks originally was going to attend Summer Jam X, another Tekken Tour event this weekend that ended up not happening, but his team convinced him to attend Wizard World. Upon hearing what occurred with SJX, Speedkicks tweeted that he “dodged a bullet.”

Speedkicks is now a finalists for King of the Iron Fist Tournament: North America that will take place later this year. When interviewed after his win by MarkMan, Speed stated that he would be attending more Tekken Tour events and placing his qualifier on the line.

The next Tekken Tour event is Wizard World Austin, September 9th-11th.

Top 8 Action

The top 8 at Wizard World Chicago was as follows:

Circa|Speedkicks vs Mateo
TFA Jody Tha Great vs Weapon X

Kenny V vs Grand Kitaro
Beast Infection vs Kenji

You can check out all of the action and full results below.

[spoiler title=”View Results”]1st Circa|Speedkicks (3-0 | Hwoarang)
2nd Weapon X (0-3 | Katarina)
3rd TFA JodyThaGreat (Shaheen)
4th Mateo (Jack-7)
5th Beast Infection (Jack-7)
5th Grand Kitaro (Steve)
7th Kenji (Lili)
7th Kenny V (Steve)[/spoiler]

Photo source: Tekken

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