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Tekken 7 is doing it big at gamescom 2016 – Here’s what’s happening!

Gamescom 2016 is taking place in Cologne, Germany and Tekken 7 is already making a huge impact. Earlier today Lee Chaolan and Violet were revealed as future members of the roster, and very compelling details about the story mode were also disclosed.

As if the previous storylines weren’t enough, just moments ago Tekken 7 was nominated by IGN for the “People’s Choice Award.” This adds to the list of awards it has received so far this year, because it was also generously decorated at E3. So yeah, things are shaping up nicely. Will Tekken 7 win? We’ll know soon enough.

The momentum is only building since EVO, and you can see from the following photos that Bandai Namco Entertainment has spared no expense with their marketing. The Tekken 7 station at gamescom is top tier and gives off a nice vibe. Ryan Hart and Norman Genius can be seen battling against Tekken fans as well.

We’ll update this story and notify you as more sights and sounds come out.


Popular Tekken YouTuber YellowMotion has made it out to Gamescom as well! (NSFW: profanity).

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Source: Bandai Namco, Bandai Namco UK, StefanieEngeSir Baconhead, NormanGenius

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