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Tekken 7 product page on Microsoft website lists game description and capabilities

A Tekken 7 product details page was discovered on the online store of the Microsoft website today, and details about the game are given. Most of it we already know, but there is new information as well. We’re sure this information was officially provided by Bandai Namco to Microsoft, so you can count on every word.

The description says the following:


Raise your fists and get ready for the ultimate battle on the next generation of home consoles. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, the storied fighting franchise returns for another round in Tekken 7. With the faithful 3D battle system and gameplay intact, Tekken 7 takes the franchise to the next level with photo-realistic graphics and new and innovative features and fighting mechanics. Tekken 7 resurrects the attitude, competitiveness and showmanship rooted in its arcade DNA to provide the ultimate fighting game experience.

• UNREAL ENGINE 4 – Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, Tekken 7 sets a new benchmark for graphical fidelity for the fighting game genre, pushing the new generation of console hardware and PC visuals to the limit.

• SEAMLESS STORY EXPERIENCE – Hollywood-like, over-the-top cinematic action sequences blend flawlessly into fierce battles.

• THE FINAL CHAPTER OF THE MISHIMA BLOOD SAGA – Tekken 7 represents the final chapter of the 20-year-long Mishima feud. Unveil the epic ending to the emotionally charged family warfare between the members of the Mishima Clan as they struggle to settle old scores and wrestle for control of a global empire, putting the balance of the world in peril.

• ROSTER OF OVER 30 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS – Select characters from an impressive roster of fan-favorites and all-new fighters, each with a distinct set of deadly techniques, martial arts moves and combos.

• STREET FIGHTER CROSS-OVER CHARACTER – AKUMA – Street Fighter’s Akuma flawlessly transitions into the 3D space and joins the fray in an epic franchise mash-up complete with all his shoto-style moves and fireballs.

• ALL NEW BATTLE MECHANICS & MOVES – Classic 1 vs 1 battles return along with new moves and battle mechanics like Rage Arts, Rage Drives and Power Crushes that make gameplay more accessible for players of all skill levels.

In addition to the description, the product details page also lists the games’ capabilities:

Multiplayer Online – 1 to 8 players
Multiplayer Local – 2 players

In contrast to Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which allowed for having 6 players in a lobby, Tekken 7 will allow up to 8 players. With Tekken 7 being on newgen consoles only, the resources are available for hosting larger groups. Players have generally don’t like to wait in lobbies that are too large, so maybe there is team-play or a bracketed format option? We don’t know. And whether or not this is referring to another type of game mode is unknown.

As well, instead of up to 4 players like TTT2, the max is obviously 2 players for local play in Tekken 7.

Some may be wondering why VR information isn’t listed, but that’s due to it being a PlayStation exclusive. Xbox One is a Microsoft product, which site this info is listed on.

Lastly, as far as the artwork on the page, we hope that’s not final. We highly doubt that it is. More than likely it is a product placeholder.

xb1 cover small

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Source: Microsoft, lifelower, Masakarijin

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