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LionZ Den 3 top 8 results and video, plus Sodam vs Asim FT5 Exhibition

After two eventful days filled with Brazilian flamingo dancers, Sodam moments, and Ozzy the Liono humor, LionZ Den 3 has finally come to an end. The London-based tournament featured Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 7 and FIFA this year. And though Tekken 7 was present, it was only utilized for free-play. The top 8 finalist of the TTT2 tournament were supposed to compete in Tekken 7, but for sake of time it was waived.

LionZ Den Top 8

Ice Beam vs Sephiblack
StarScream vs Asim

Sodam vs CKT|Adnanish
Kane and Trench vs Pad Haroun

[spoiler title=”View LionZDen Top 8 Results”]1st: Sodam (KOR) – Xiaoyu/Miharu
2nd: Sephiblack (GER) – Jin/Miguel
3rd: Asim (UK) – Eddy/Lars | Marduk/Miguel
4th: Kand and Trench (UK)- Miguel/Yoshimitsu
5th: StarScream (UK) – Hwoarang/Jin
5th: CKT|Ice Beam (GER) – Asuka/Lili
7th: Pad Haroun (UK) – Hwoarang/Anna
7th: CKT|Adnanish (DEN) – Asuka/Bruce

You can also view the Top 32 bracket on Challonge.

The stream tried it’s best to accommodate two games, so at times Tekken would be interrupted so that FIFA could stream, and then without knowing exactly what time – Tekken would be back up streaming again. Hopefully next year there will be two separate streams.

LionZDen TTT2 Top 16

LionZDen TTT2 Top 4 | Sodam vs Asim FT5 Exhibition

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