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Wizard World Columbus top 8 video and results, feat. Anakin, Speedkicks and more

The Tekken Tour came to a wrap today at Wizard World in Columbus, OH. This ‘Wizard’ tour stop featured the most Tekken talent to date, as in attendance were Circa|Anakin, Circa|Speedkicks, GXR Shinblade, MakNificent, Rick Tha Ruler, DatBoiStl, RenoFace, Mystic Bill and more. Even Justin Wong and Gooteks, primarily Street Fighter players, were in the running. It was stacked.

The top 8 took place today, and Anakin had once again placed his qualifying spot for The King of the Iron Fist Tournament (N. America) on the line. Would he be upset by Speedkicks? Or would some other player arise? All of these factors made for a very enjoyable tournament.

Here were the top 8, the footage, and the results:

Top 8

Circa| Speedkicks vs. Mystic Bill
GXR|Shinblade vs Circa|Anakin

Nimbus Jaguar vs. RenoFace
DatBoiSTL vs Rick Tha Ruler


1. Circa|Anakin (Jack-7)
2. Circa |Speedkicks (Steve, Hwoarang)
3. GXR|Shinblade (Steve)
4. Nimbus Jaguar (King)
5. DatBoiSTL (Bryan)
5. Mystic Bill (Katarina)
7. Rick Tha Ruler (Law)
7. RenoFace (Claudio, Lucky Chloe)

wizard world columbus top 3

Photo source: @Tekken

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