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Akuma is the best thing to happen to Tekken, but Tekken fans will root against him

Yes. Now before you start tweeting me hate and all that good stuff (unless you agree, then cool), let me explain my reasons for why I believe Akuma could quite possibly be the best thing to happen to the Tekken brand.

He’s an Experiment

Akuma has some of the most unique fighting moves in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution with the hadouken (fireball), tatsumaki (spinning kicks), dragon punch (uppercut), FADC (focus attack dash cancel) and more. Yes, a couple of other characters have projectiles, like Alisa and Jinpachi, but not the likes of what Akuma possesses. Akuma’s fireballs are quick, can be executed while in the air, and can vary depending on his meter. If successful, having such moves could possibly let the Tekken developers incorporate them into other characters and have more experimentation in future installments. While some may think that Tekken would become more like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, I’d have confidence in the developers to make these additions feel a part of the Tekken universe. Speaking of Street Fighter…

Crossover Appeal

If you’re a Street Fighter player through and through (what are you doing here?!) and you wouldn’t have given Tekken 7 a glance, with the addition of Akuma, perhaps now would be a good time to finally check out the biggest selling fighting game franchise ever. Akuma will have a major part in Tekken 7’s story so maybe this addition alone can help the crossover appeal of players who only play games from one franchise. This will allow them to get a better understanding of Tekken.

An Intro to Tekken

As we saw at EVO 2016, Akuma dominated the tournament as Poongko used his skills to great heights (before losing handily to Knee’s Bryan). But as players who never faced Akuma before learn to fight the character, learning his strengths and weaknesses as time goes by, expect those same players to know what to do when it comes to playing not only against Akuma but against other characters as well. It’ll help those players such as Speedkicks and Anakin to get even stronger as they now have experience playing against such a strong character.

Now, with all the mostly negative reaction to playing him, players and fans alike finally have a Tekken character we’ll love to hate.

“Nah Bruh…”

Similar to major sports, we now has a character that we’ll love to root against. Tekken fans will not allow a Street Fighter character to be the most dominant character in the game (perhaps that’s where all the “broken” stuff is coming from). Also, going back to Poongko’s use of Akuma at EVO 2016, he made top 3, which probably rubbed Tekken fans and players the wrong way. Is there any other significant character in another fighting franchise that fans and players love to root against and see lose? Go ahead and think about it. I’ll wait. Any time a player uses Akuma, fans will be overjoyed when Akuma loses.

Imagine if Poongko had won EVO with Akuma? Exactly. There is no way will Tekken fans allow a Street Fighter character to dominate their game!

The Perfect Storm

Well, those are my reasons why I believe Akuma is quite possibly the best thing to happen to Tekken. Do you agree? Do I have a few screws lose in my head? Will you try and hunt me down and challenge me to a fight? Let us know!

Don’t forget to tweet at me @ShaineScalph and to leave a comment on this.

Now, back to my slumber.

Shaine currently lives in Texas and wonders where the past 27 years of his life have gone. His favorite Tekken characters are Eddy Gordo (RIP Cap), Law, Xiaoyu and Jack. His least favorite characters are the ones who beat him when he just needs one more hit. He's a sore loser when he loses and a psycho when he wins. Basically the same thing. Not to be taken seriously because he looks like a 13 year old.


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