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Tekken community reacts to new Tekken Heihachi Sukajan jacket

During Tekken 7’s panel at Comic-Con San Diego, Katsuhiro Harada and the team covered a range of different subjects relating to the game and answered fan’s questions. However, one of the main things that got a reaction from the Tekken community was the announcement of the new Heihachi Sukajan jacket. The jacket looks fantastic and is a must have for Tekken fanatics, coming with a price tag of $449.00.

Of course anything with such a large price tag will get the fans talking, especially if the item is sought after. See the reactions from members of the community below:

Although fans are excited about the jacket, you can see that the price tag is definitely one of the main talking points.

The price not really being an issue, some fans would love to see the jacket released in a different variety, with other character versions made available for purchase.

May Just Be Worth It

The initial announcement of the jacket and its price seemed to split the community in half. $449.00 for a jacket is certainly not cheap. However, upon further inspection it’s definitely more than just a jacket. The piece is a limited edition collectible item, with only 1000 available worldwide. With luxurious satin and intricate embroidery, the item of clothing resembles that of a high quality fashion product. On top of all this, the jacket is reversible with two detailed and opposing designs.

The jacket is certainly worth investing in if you can, and if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one you can rest assured that you’ll possess a piece of Tekken history.

How do you feel about the jacket and its price tag? Will you be purchasing one? What character version would you like to see?

Pre-order here:

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Photo sources: Bandai Namco Ent. Katsuhiro Haradan8nmonster

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