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EVO 2016

A New Challenger Enters: Tekken community reacts to Master Raven and Bob

After the excitement and hype surrounding the EVO Tekken 7 finals, the community were eager to receive a new announcement from Katsuhiro Harada and the Tekken team. Fans took to Twitter in anticipation, hoping to get an answer about any possible upcoming news.

As expected, the fans got what they wanted as Harada-san took to the stage to make two new character announcements: The return of Bob, and the addition of Master Raven! Of course, the community went crazy, and social media blew up with posts from fans showing their excitement.

The announcement of both characters gained a positive reception from the community, but the addition of new character Master Raven is what really got the fans talking! I decided to do a twitter poll asking fans which character they were most hyped for; the results definitely speak for themselves!

Of course with all major announcements not everyone was entirely happy. Some are worried that Master Raven means the end of Raven. What do you think?

Other fans are still hoping that much loved characters will be returning to the roster in Tekken 7. Lee, Anna, and Julia are the familiar names which keep appearing the most. Are there any characters you really want to see return in Tekken 7, who haven’t been announced yet?

However, overall the community appears to be extremely excited by this latest announcement from the Tekken team. How do you feel about the news? Are you excited about the return of Bob, and the addition of Master Raven to the roster?

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