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Why is Akuma in Tekken 7? LeopoldTheBrave poses some interesting theories

There has been a lot of discussion lately on what will take place in the storyline of Tekken 7. It may have been a simple task to predict what would happen to bring an end to the Mishima saga in the beginning, but ever since Akuma was introduced into the equation the game has completely changed. With as powerful a figure that Akuma is, how is it that someone like Kazumi could bring him to honor a promise?

YouTuber LeopoldTheBrave has some interesting theories on this very matter, so we wanted to share them with you. Check it out and then tell us your thoughts.

Source: LeopoldTheBrave

Aziz Peregrino-Brimah aka Zee the CEO | Founder / Editor-in-chief of TekkenGamer | Gaming has been a passion of Zee's since the early days of Atari and ColecoVision. His first experience with Tekken was in the early 90's, and it was Tekken 3 that sealed the deal. True story... As a teenager Zee once received his Winn-Dixie paycheck and spent it all at the arcade the same day. Needless to say, his mother wasn't pleased.


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