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Rip breaks the ‘curse’ at Wizard World Philadelphia, but is RenoFace the ‘new’ Rip?

If anyone has actually been keeping up with the Tekken Tour, then you know that Reepal ‘Rip’ Parbhoo keeps placing 2nd at the tournaments he enters (which has been most of them). Rip made it into grand finals (winners side) at Wizard World Minneapolis and also Combo Breaker, but in both instances he was reset and defeated by his opponent. The heartbreak of those loses compounded with others even had Rip questioning whether or not he was cursed. If he were to lose again we’re not quite sure how this would’ve affected Rip’s psyche.

Thankfully, all of this changed for him June 2nd-5th at Wizard World Philadelphia, where he faced RenoFace in grand finals and won in convincing fashion. Rip now qualifies for the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 being held at the end of this year.

Check out the action.

RenoFace has been participating in just about as many Tekken Tour events has Rip, and has also failed at securing the top spot. How is this affecting his psyche? Is he the new Rip?

Will Rip do like Anakin and place his win on the line? We doubt it.

Wizard World Philadelphia Top 8

1 Tempo|Rip
2 RenoFace
3 MakNificent
4 Liquid
5 Battle Jitni
5 EG|Justin Wong
7 Brian H
7 Nashi

Congrats Rip!

Photo by Bandai Namco

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