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EVO officially bans coaching during quarter finals and onward, FGC reacts to the news

At Northwest Majors 8 during the Street Fighter V grand finals one of the players, Fox|Julio, received a phone call during his match against EG|Justin Wong. Some suspect that the person on the other line may have been giving Julio some strategic advice, or “coaching.” Many questioned the integrity of this sort of thing, and it called the practice of “coaching” into question. As expected, social media immediately went into a frenzy, and even caused Joey Cellular, one of the founders of EVO (arguably the biggest fighting game tournament in the world), to make people aware of the coaching rules that are being enforced this year.

Here’s what he said on Twitter:

After receiving a barrage of replies, he went on to clarify:

So there you have it. There is coaching for 60 seconds, but not during quarter finals and onward. Apparently this rule has always existed, but hasn’t been enforced.

Many were understanding, in support, opinionated, or just plain comical about whole situation.

With EVO being the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, it wouldn’t be any surprise if other FGC tournaments begin to follow suit. We’ve seen it countless times where friends or teammates of a player come to their aid with strategic advice, and are even sometimes seen as an unwelcome distraction by the player.

What are your thoughts? Is coaching a good thing or bad thing? Does it give an advantage to players? Let us know in the comments.

Photo credit: Chris Bahn

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