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Mr. Naps reigns supreme at Northwest Majors 8 – Tournament results, video and more

Northwest Majors 8 in Seattle, WA just wrapped up and we’ve got all of the details for you. This was also the third North American tour stop of the Tekken Tour, which also means it was a qualifier for the King of the Iron Fist tournament that Bandai Namco will be hosting sometime later this year (or next year; no date has been given).

Namco showcased Tekken 7: Fated Retribution again, but had two setups for people to play this time around. During the stream of Tekken 7 pools on Friday, Aris of Avoid the Puddle mentioned that future versions of the game will look much different in the graphics department. Supposedly Bandai Namco is making huge improvements to the look and feel of the game. It looks great already, so it’s great to hear that so much attention is being given to the final product.

NWM8 had both Tekken 7 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 represented at its event. Here are results of each.

Tekken 7 Results

1. Jimmy J Tran aka “Mr. Naps” (Bryan)
2. SDT|Inkog (Bryan)
3. RIP (Law)
4. Geesemaster (Feng)
5. Kenji (Lili)
5. Weapon X (Katarina, Claudio)
7. Yellowtail (Katarina, Claudio)
7. KongoJack (Gigas)

Grand Finals: Inkognito vs Jimmy J Tran

View all Tekken 7 Top 8

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Results

1. Jimmy J Tran aka “Mr. Naps” (Bryan/Dragunov)
2. SDT|Inkog (Bryan/Bob, King/Marduk)
3. ILHS|WayGamble (Unknown/Feng, Leo/Lei)
4. Geesemaster (Feng/Leo)
5. kongojack (Raven/Marduk)
5. ITS|Princess Ling (Xiaoyu/Lei)
7. Demon 20z (Jinpachi/Ogre)
7. Kenji (Lili/Wang)

Stream archive:

As you can see, Jimmy J Tran aka “Mr. Naps” took first place for both games, further showing he is one N. America’s best Tekken players. During the Tekken 7 grand finals Inkog was actually up 2-1 and momentum looked to be on his side, but a few mental errors cost him in a huge way. You can’t do that against Mr. Naps. Inkog almost reset the bracket, but failed to do the right punish in a crucial moment, and instead got punished himself. He choked.

During TTT2, it was pretty much the same story. Inkog looked strong, but not “Inkog strong.” Again, some questionable moves, a few mental errors. Against a weaker opponent he would’ve gotten away with such things, but Mr. Naps looked as sharp as a Swiss Army knife. He displayed the full repertoire of combos, setups, punishes and calculated risks. He looked unreal at times. It’s refreshing to see an American play at such a high level.


Photo credits: Bandai Namco, N8nmonster

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