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Knee becomes world’s first Tekken God in Tekken 7

UPDATE (04/21/16): In less than a week of reporting this news, Knee has already ranked up to True Tekken God. It looks like he’s on a mission. Perhaps Tekken God Prime is in his sights?

Tekken 7 first hit arcades on March 18, 2015. Since then the battle has been a long and grueling one toward achieving some of its highest ranks. The ranking system in Tekken is one many take great pride in, because it can be used as a gauge to show where your skills lie and some bragging rights. There are a total of 36 ranks that can be reached in Tekken 7, and very few players make it to the top. Those who do possess extraordinary skill and have fought countless battles against some of the best opponents that Tekken has to offer.

If you watch some of the popular Tekken 7 stream on Twitch, such as Green Arcade, Shudy Yoshel, or Kuro Kuro, you’ll see that quite a few players have reached the rank 33 Dan, which is Tekken Lord. But no-one has legitimately reached 34 Dan (Tekken God), 35 Dan (True Tekken God), or 36 Dan (Tekken God Prime).

Until today.

Earlier today Knee of Korea obtained rank 34 Dan (Tekken God), and he is the world’s first person to do it. He reached reached this pinnacle  this morning in a deathmatch against Malgu at the Green Arcade.

The reason we say the first “legitimate” Tekken God is because there is a Lucky Chloe account that is True Tekken God, but we’ve been told that this account is widely known in Korean circles as a boosted account. This could be why Knee and his friends were so jubilant when he achieved this rank (as you’ll see in the video below), and it would also stand to reason why he is even re-tweeting Tweets that say such things as “world’s first.”

Check out the final round that solidified the achievement!

Click here to see the full video on Knee’s Afreeca page. Go to timestamp 01:49:00 for this specific match.

The internet immediately went abuzz with the news. Check out a few Tweets.

The Case for World’s First

While many were celebratory of Knee’s achievement, not everyone held the same sentiment. Some have expressed on a popular Tekken Facebook group that the phrase “World’s First” isn’t quite fair a title when the game isn’t in heavy volume worldwide yet. Some believe only Asian countries have the game, but that’s not true. The Tekken-Net website actually provides a list of oceanic countries where Tekken 7 can be found, and the number of arcades that carry it. Tekken 7 can be found in the United States and other countries as well.

Here’s the rundown from Tekken-Net of the oceanic countries that have Tekken 7, and the number of locations they have: Philippines (23), Singapore (7), Malaysia (20), Taiwan (8), Thailand (9), Hong Kong (10), New Zealand (4), Australia (5), Indonesia (17).

This isn’t the fault of Knee or Bandai Namco though. Asian countries (and the like) are just more supportive of arcades, while countries like the United States play games primarily on console and PC. As well, it’s not like the title of “World’s First” can’t also be said when Tekken God rank or higher is achieved on the PlayStation, Xbox1 or PC (if it happens). So while we get what some are saying, it is still fair to say Knee is the “World’s First Tekken God.” Out of all of those who do have it – which are many – he is the first to legitimately achieve this rank.

Now, when it comes to tournaments and things of that nature, sure we can probably have a serious discussion. The playing field would need to be 100% even to make things fair, with everyone having access to the game with enough time to be proficient. But for now, the rank of Tekken God is just a title. And as far as we know, there is no cash prize for that, only acknowledgment.

Let’s give Knee his props.

Aziz Peregrino-Brimah aka Zee the CEO | Founder / Editor-in-chief of TekkenGamer | Gaming has been a passion of Zee's since the early days of Atari and ColecoVision. His first experience with Tekken was in the early 90's, and it was Tekken 3 that sealed the deal. True story... As a teenager Zee once received his Winn-Dixie paycheck and spent it all at the arcade the same day. Needless to say, his mother wasn't pleased.


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