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Princess Ling’s 10 month reign of terror as Fingers to Fight champion comes to an end

Finger to Fight is a weekly online tournament that takes place each Thursday night at 7pm EST. The tournament game is Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and that’s obviously until Tekken 7 comes to consoles. The competition level ranges from “noobs” fierce competitors (and I mean competitors who have beaten Koreans in tournaments and placed top 8; how’s dem apples?). Entry is free (for now), and offers a chance to win a little extra gas money for the week. The man who hands out the “gas money” is it’s organizer Ninth Pixel, a long-time Tekken fan and player who pays out of his own pocket. He says he does it for the love of the game and community. Awesome, yes.

Love Live the Ling

Last night was the 39th installment of Fingers to Fight, and the events that took place are worthy of your attention. For nearly 10 months one player has dominated F2F – Rontray “Princess Ling” Sherman. One of the strongest Xiaoyu/Lei players in America, he has run through the competition winning 8 of the last 10 tournaments, and 19 in total. To put that into perspective, after P.Ling only two people have won as many as three tournaments, four have won two tournaments, and seven have won one tournament.

To prove that Fingers to Fight isn’t a tournament filled with “everyday Joe’s” just going at it, here are some of Princess Ling’s most recent achievements. Last month P.Ling placed 4th in Tekken 7 at Final Round 19 (a major tournament in Atlanta), and also placed 5th there in TTT2. In January he placed 7th in Tekken 7 at Kumite in Tennessee (another major), and in December 2015 he placed 1st in Tekken 7 at NEC. These tournaments feature some of the best Tekken players America has to offer (as well as Korea), such Anakin (ATL Hoa), SpeedKicks, Lil Majin, Saint (Korea), SoDam (Korea), Incognito, KoDee and more. Matter of fact, it was P.Ling who defeated SoDam TTT2 at Final Round, and that’s a big deal. You get the picture now – P.Ling is a top player.

For the last three months Princess Ling has been winning it all in Fingers to Fight. It was pretty much becoming embarrassing for the other players in the competition. They weren’t showing much heart. As well, all of P.Ling’s wins were really starting to make the tournament a huge bore. Weekly the Twitch chat was filled with sentiments of “who has heart enough to ‘get gud’ and take him down?” Tonight would have been tournament win number twenty for P.Ling.

But then there was Marquis “Shadow 20z” Jordan.

Ling, Meet Shadow

Shadow 20z, a strong Mishima player, is a young rising star on the competitive Tekken scene. He placed 1st in TTT2 at Winter Brawl X, and took 2nd in TTT2 at Summer Jam 9, falling to Fighting GM (a TTT2 legend in America). He’s no scrub.

For the last two weeks Shadow has been looking to dethrone reigning champ P.Ling, but he fell short taking 2nd two each time. Last night was a much different story. Shadow must’ve taken his losses like a man and went back and studied his matches. He returned a different man in F2F 39. He had fire in his eyes (yes, fire).

In their first 2-out-3 meeting P.Ling took the first match, but Shadow won the next two to send P.Ling to the losers bracket. Shadow then patiently waited in winners for the grand finals. Princess Ling made light-work of his opponent Addreim, easily sliding into grand finals. But if he was going to win it, he would have to reset the bracket against Shadow. And he did 3-1. From the looks of it you would think Shadow was done, having stirred up the beast in P.Ling, but he held his composure. He returned the favor to P.Ling with a 3-1 of his own, claiming the ultimate the victory.

“Shadow is a beast. Took you guys long enough. Better late than never. I’m glad to see someone come through trying to win and doing it!” – SpeedKicks

It’s good that this happened. It’s good for Fingers to Fight. It’s good for the Tekken community. And it’s good for Shadow and P.Ling. A rivalry may have just been born, and one that will have people tuning in next week for F2F 40 – a major milestone in “sticktoitiveness.”

Watch this hard-fought battle with guest commentary by SpeedKicks. It’s a true tale of triumph.

Well done, Shadow 20z. Well done.

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