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Tekken Fan Art Monthly Roundup: September 2018

Some of the best Tekken fan art from last month!

We’re a little late this month, but better late than never! To no one’s surprise, fan artists are still enjoying portraying Anna’s vampy new look in a variety of styles. Among the new characters and new costumes, it’s always a nice treat to see the classic costumes surface in new artwork. Like the crackle of an EWGF, some things never get old. Check out the gallery below for a mid-month Tekken pick-me-up! 

Houjoh | Twitter


Naomi Baker | Tumblr


Ayvie | Twitter


えぬのすけ | Twitter


P Diddle | Twitter


Supersenses | Tumblr


ili104 | Tumblr


Jaymere | Pixiv


-RyO- | Pixiv


Milkaru | Etsy


Akai Riot | Twitter


Bindingdarkness | DA


Naitou | Twitter


LentinusEdodes | DA


Frank Steven Ouano | ArtStation


Chicken Wang | Twitter

By day, she's Qanba USA's Community Manager. Also by day, she's a Tekken superfan. No one really knows what she is by night. One thing's for sure- Kaydie is obsessed with all things fan works and enjoys contributing her own Tekken fan artwork in her free time. She lives by one motto: What Would Lili Do?


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