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Tekken Fan Art Monthly Roundup: July & August 2018

In honor of Tekken 7 Season 2!

Season 2 is finally upon us, and we at TekkenGamer are loving the content you guys are putting out! It’s been a great time to see the build-up from EVO to launch involve theorycrafting, hypothesizing and of course – new fan art of Lei Wulong and Anna Williams.

Looks like the creative community couldn’t get enough of Anna either. Come over here, so she can talk to ya real close in the gallery below.


RyoxKJ | DA



Skyblue Tube | Pixiv



FunnyPink | Twitter



Dragonsinmysky | Twitter



Konnestra | Twitter



Hungry_Clicker | Twitter



Ugly Tarantula | Twitter



Shunao | DA



HamletMachine | Twitter



Kaydie | Twitter



Robaato | Twitter



Ubebot | DA



Katsumi-Kin | DA



orihalchon | Pixiv



BBBOX | Twitter



Gintrax13 | DA



Did we miss any of your favorites from July and August? Show us in the comments!

Note: If any of the featured artists wish to have their artwork removed from the gallery, please contact us.

By day, she's Qanba USA's Community Manager. Also by day, she's a Tekken superfan. No one really knows what she is by night. One thing's for sure- Kaydie is obsessed with all things fan works and enjoys contributing her own Tekken fan artwork in her free time. She lives by one motto: What Would Lili Do?


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