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EVO 2018: How to watch the largest Tekken 7 tournament ever!

With 1,544 competitors in Tekken 7, this EVO will cement someone in history!

One-thousand five-hundred forty-four. It still sounds too little? Try to count every number, one by one until you reach the end of this amount. Every digit is a competitor willing to gain the title of Tekken 7 champion at EVO 2018 this weekend, August 3-5 in Vegas. Everyone will be fighting their way to the top! It will not be easy, trust me. That’s why we at TekkenGamer are proud to welcome this years’ edition as the biggest Tekken tournament held until now, because we’re sure the level of competition will be incredibly high and rich of moments of pure “showtime.”

The world is finally acknowledging that esports, and especially fighting games, are a source of entertainment. And in my opinion, what makes the fighting games more engaging to watch is the same reason why maybe their numbers are not as high as other video game genres when talking about tournament attendance and viewership. Fighting Games have a steep learning curve, but that’s exactly what makes them more spectacular – what makes every stunt during a match an incredible achievement. That kind of expression of skill that can leave the audience stunned into an incredulous and wordless stare, or explode into an uncontrollable ovation of enthusiasm.

Many of the players attending EVO this year are well-known champions that will grant us great performances. However, it will be interesting to look for some skillfull outsider as well, since Tekken 7 has reached the home market fore more than a year now. A wider audience has now had a way to train for a high level event like this. Maybe this is the reason why this years’ edition may be one of the most surprising, because in the past Tekken 7 was only available to a restricted audience, but now everybody can access it and the wider base may present a new champion.

USA, Japan, South Korea are easily the countries that can aim for the podium since both provide a solid pool of pro players. Knee, considered an instant favorite, will not be at EVO this year. However, with a pool of names like Jimmy J Tran, Anakin, JDCR, Saint, kkokkoma, Qudans, Joey Fury, Lil Majin, and many more, you can expect a burning Top 8 nonetheless.

By the way, the thrills will not be related just to matches, because EVO is the perfect stage for new announcements regarding fighting games, and a new Tekken 7 Season Pass is likely to be teased during the event. Geese was presented last year, and that was a moment too, with people cheering when it was revealed, screaming his catchphrase every time he showed a typical move during the trailer. There are rumors going around about a possible contents of second Season Pass for Tekken 7, so we could get a hint about that very soon.

There are many reasons to follow  EVO 2018, and as always TekkenGamer is dedicated to covering the event for anyone who can’t follow the directs. So keep visiting our website and social media for EVO 2018 updates.

In the meantime, you can read our EVO 2018 predictions.

Enjoy the show and… “Get ready for the next battle!”

Stream Schedule & More

Here the stream schedule for EVO 2018. Things kickoff for Tekken 7 pools on Friday at 4pm PDT on

Here’s how the games will be scheduled all weekend.

Lastly, here are your official commentators for the weekend.

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