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All you need to know about Tekken 7 at EVO 2017 – Players, ESPN favs, stats, streams & schedule

The largest Tekken 7 tournament ever takes place at EVO 2017.

EVO, the world’s largest fight game tournament takes place this weekend July 14-16 in Vegas. This also happens to be the largest Tekken tournament ever. And believe me, whoever wins EVO this weekend will definitely be seen as the best Tekken player in the world right now. No question.

Here is everything you need to know about Tekken 7 at EVO 2017.

The Players

There are 1,283 people competing in 80 pools, representing 20 or more countries. There are many well-known names, but a few notables in the fight are Knee, JDCR, Saint, kkokkoma, Nobi, Yuu, Jimmy J. Tran, Anakin, Speedkicks, Rip, P. Ling, Geesemaster, NYC Fab, KoDee, Brawlpro, Spero Gin, and Joey Fury.

With so many players on the bill, anything can happen. No-one expected JDCR or Anakin to not make top at 32 last year. So expect many unexpected outcomes.

View the full bracket at

ESPN Favorites

According to ESPN, the South Korean players are the favorites in this tournament, specifically Echo Fox’s Saint and JDCR, and Knee. They list Japan players Nobi, Yuu, and Take as contenders. From the USA, they list Geesemaster, Panda Global’s Speedkicks, StreamMe’s Anakin, and Rip as wildcards.

Speaking of ESPN, like last year Street Fighter V finals will be airing live on ESPN 2 at 10PM EDT Sunday.

SRK Statistics

SRK Stats has put together a spreadsheet that shows the win rates going into EVO 2017. Interestingly enough, the data shows that JDCR gets into grand finals 92% of the time.

Stream Schedule

The players have a long and enduring day ahead of them on Friday July 14, as 1,283 players will be dwindled down to eight on that day. I don’t envy them at all. At least they get to rest on Saturday.

Here is the streaming schedule for Tekken 7 this weekend. All times are PDT (US Pacific).

Friday July 14

All streaming will take place at From 2PM-4PM, a simultaneous stream will take place at

  • 10AM-6PM / Round 1 Pools
  • 6PM-8PM / Round 2 Pools
  • 8PM-10PM / Semi Finals
Sunday July 16

Top 8 Finals will stream from 12:30PM-3PM on Sunday at

You can view the official schedule below. Click to enlarge.


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