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What’s the penalty for rage quitting and disconnecting from battles in Tekken 7? Here are the answers

Tekken 7 has a way to deal with gamer’s who don’t finish matches.

Tekken 7 has been out for three weeks now and I’m really enjoying finally having the game at home. It’s safe to say this game has taken up a lot of my time since release. I’m sure you’re in the same boat too. The game is fantastic, and I’m glad everyone is getting to experience it now. However, there are some issues which do need to be sorted, especially as they seem to interfere with online play, which I want to address in this article. By the way, I know Bandai Namco is working hard to resolve the online issues.

Something strange happened to me when I was playing an online rank match. When me and my opponent were in the middle of a game, I got the ‘synching’ message which usually pops up if someone has disconnected. “Great, another rage quitter,” I thought to myself. However, I was booted back to the main menu where a nice “Penalty Notice” was waiting for me. What!? This was the first time anything like this had happened to me when playing online. I was issued a warning, and not an actual penalty, so I shrugged it off as a server issue and carried on playing as normal.

The game had only been out a few days, so I wasn’t gong to overreact. I mentioned the incident on Twitter, and it turns out it wasn’t just me this has happened to, so I wasn’t too bothered by it.

Fast-forward 24 hours. I’m playing some more ranked matches and the same thing happened again! We were just about to start the fourth round and the game just completely crashed. After around 30 seconds I was booted straight back to the main menu. This time I was greeted by a notice which informed me that a penalty had been imposed, as I didn’t complete the match properly. GREAT! I’m on a wired connection and my internet didn’t drop out on both occasions.

Tekken 7 Penalties

So what exactly is the penalty for disconnecting on Tekken 7?

I wasn’t actually aware of what the penalties were for disconnections or rage quitting, and neither did anyone I asked. So I headed to ol’ faithful (Google) to do some research.

It was actually quite difficult to find an answer to my question, as during my search I just came across people asking the same question. However, I found that players on the Steam Community and GameFaqs forums have been discussing this issue frequently, so I finally found some answers on there.


If you disconnect from a match for the first time, you’ll get a notice which will pop up when you return to the main menu. This message acts as a warning, telling the player that a penalty will be imposed for not completing a match correctly.

Yellow Username

If you disconnect a few times, your in-game username will appear yellow. This is to signify that you may rage quit from time to time.

Red Username

If you’re disconnect from matches a lot, then you will get a red username, which tells your opponent that you’re a serial rage quitter.

More Thoughts

When I got the notice telling me a penalty had been imposed, my username or player info hadn’t changed colors, however, it did take me a while to rank up, even with 5-6 wins, so I could only assume that my progression might’ve been reset.

The penalty system seems pretty fair in my opinion. With this kind of structure in place, you’ll have a better idea of the nature of your opponent. However, some genuine players are being punished by possible in-game issues. With that being said, I haven’t had any further random disconnections when I’ve been playing online, so here’s hoping that was the last of them and we can put them down to the shaky start to online play.

Have you had any similar experiences with penalties online on Tekken 7? Let us know.



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