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First qualifier date released for District G Tekken 7 Tour

District G announces the first date for their 3-stage Tekken 7 War series.

Today tournament organizer and UK Console collective, District G, released the first date of their Tekken 7 War series.

The 3-stage War series will take place over two months with the first qualifying round hitting London on Sunday, August 6th, 2017 at the DG Spirit, home of Tooting Tram and Social.

“With the imminent release of Tekken 7, we decided on these dates in particular to allow the community to find their place within the long awaited title,” explained Co-Founder Joe Nwasokwa. “The growth in competitive Tekken is really accelerating, and we are keen to nurture the top players and scout fresh fighting talent straight out of the District G fold.”

The first qualifier will give gamers the opportunity to be seeded and automatically entered into the District G Pro-league, the organizations elite talent.

Pro player King Jae said, “As part of the District-G community I am buzzed for the Tekken 7 War series. I think it will really bring to the surface new Tekken talent and will energize the UK scene. Of course I’ve got my eye on that number one place!”

The series of tournaments which is set to be a big event in the casual gamer and spectator calendar will host live DJ’s, giveaways, and of course, the chance to mix with the industry’s top players.

Tournament sponsor GameStatix had this to say, “We are delighted to be involved with the District G hub. Their brand has a real community feel, and we know that the tournament will offer the best environment to meet with the best Tekken players and the whole Tekken family.”

Official registration and full tour dates will be announced over the next month.

For more information about District G visit their official websiteTwitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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