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European Qualifiers for King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 announced

Bandai Namco just announced on the Tekken website the European qualifiers for King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016. The grand finals will be December 10, 2016 in Japan, where all qualifiers from around the world will battle to see who will be King of the Iron Fist 2016.

Europe is sending its best players to the renowned King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016, the official Tekken 7 (arcade version) worldwide tournament! We’ve just announced the dates and locations of the three European qualifiers. More details about each will come at a later date so be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon!

16 October – Warsaw Games Week in Poland

28 October – Paris Games Week in France

November – London, United Kingdom (location and date will be announced at a later date)

The 1st place winner of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 held in Japan will get an amazing 1 Million Yen grand prize! 2nd place will receive 1.5 Million Yen and 3rd place will receive 500 000 Yen.

Do note that all dates and locations are subject to change. Here’s some more information to keep in mind:

  • Participants to the qualifiers must be 18 years old or older at the time of the qualifier
  • Participants must have their residency in Europe
  • The tournament uses the arcade version of TEKKEN 7
  • Accommodation and travel to and from the Grand Final for the duration of the finals will be handled by Bandai Namco. Supplementary costs such as meals or any other are not included
  • The Grand Final will happen on December 10th in Japan

Are you ready for the next battle? Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook, Twitter and VK!


For more information visit the official Tekken website.

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